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“I’ve personally experienced the effects of job-related stress on the body, working in high-pressure offices from legal firms to hospitals. And as a former ballet dancer who pushed herself to injury, I know the consequences of playing hard when you don’t take care of yourself.

Through a rigorous, three-year training program in London, I certified in the Alexander Technique, and taught in the UK before making my home in Seattle. 

If you’re an executive, manager, or business professional whom wants to relieve their pain, improve their posture, and find new ease and confidence, I can help. I also love to work with actors, dancers, musicians and other performers, having received a masters degree in Classical Acting from LAMDA, London’s leading acting school. 

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Bad posture can

be a real pain...

with Merissa Fuentes, AmSAT

You can learn to sit and stand with natural confidence and poise.


Everybody’s habits are unique.

The Alexander Technique is a simple yet powerful approach that teaches you how to release the unnecessary tension that leads to bad posture and back pain.

In individual lessons and group workshops , we’ll gently adjust your posture, helping you learn how to release patterns of tension that keep you hunched and in pain.

The technique is not a set of treatments with benefits that last only a few hours after you do it — it’s an approach to your body that can be applied to everyday life and create lasting change.

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Whether you’re staring at screens or attending meetings, sitting at work all day is hard on the body. So is spending the day on your feet. Poor posture is responsible for most chronic back and neck pain, and makes us look and feel less confident.

The Alexander Technique is a medically-proven method for relieving pain due to poor posture. Our job is to help you learn how to use your body with less tension, greater ease, and more confidence.   

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